Tuesday, May 22, 2007

BONE AWL "not our feet" cassette

Crust Punk (gulp)rawk/Black Metal from Cali.....
.....fornia (not the hindu god)
Reveiw from Last FM

A bone awl is a primitive tool made of bone. The aliases of the members derive from the two goats that draw the flying chariot of Thor, He Who Gnashes Teeth - Vocals, guitar, bass; & He Who Crushes Teeth - Drums. One of the members owns Klaxon Productions and also works on Fall to Your Knees Pissing 'zine..
Magnetism Of War Demo, 2002

Night is Indifferent EP, 2003

Bog Bodies Demo, 2003
Up to something Demo, 2004
Lindow Man EP, 2005
By Ropes Through Dirt Demo, 2005

Radio Show (Live on KFJC) Demo, 2005
Vinland - Finland Split, 2005
Not for our Feet Demo, 2005
The Rita Split album, 2006

Bog Bodies/Magnetism of War Best of/Compilation, 2006
Bone Awl/Furdidurke Split, 2006
So I Must Take From The Earth Demo, 2006
At the Ellipse's Arc EP, 2006

another Review

side A

side B

pictures of bone awl (not the black metal horde)

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